"The world is more malleable than you

think and it's waiting for you to hammer it into shape"

-Rupert Murdoch

Gibson Consulting provides contracted business development services through a comprehensive and integrated approach that is well grounded in principles of organizational development and change. Business start-up, technical and grant writing, communications, the design and development of programs and special events to reach annual advancement goals are among many of the services Gibson Consulting provides to its clients.

Gibson Consulting was founded in 1999, by K. Jaqueline Gibson, CEO. With 17 years of non profit industry experience, as well as a development professional for 15 years. Ms. Gibson raised and managed millions of dollars in funds for nonprofit organizations in New York and North Carolina.

Ms. Gibson and her team of consulting professionals are seeking to broaden the horizons of both non- and for-profit businesses by providing "out of the box" ideas and services to encourage business owners to remain steadfast in their visions of success.

About Gibson Consulting